Why Recycled?

Someone recently asked me why I choose to work with reclaimed scrap-glass.  Here is my response:

Our waste-stream is full of useful materials that rarely get a second chance.  I am very interested in reclaiming useful materials for re-purposing or recycling.  As a human who loves our earthly home, and as a participant in our currently consumer-driven society, I feel a responsibility to consume in a mindful way, and to reuse some of what can be reused.  Glass is so amazing in how many times it can be remade, and there is a vast amount of window glass destined for the landfill.  I love the process of transforming glass scraps into beautiful, functional glassware.  It is so inspiring and thrilling!  It is very satisfying to give a new life to something discarded.  There is also a financial aspect–reusing glass scraps is much more affordable than buying newly manufactured art glass.

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Transformations Glassworks

I am a Reclaimed-Glass Artisan based in Portland, Oregon. I work solely with reclaimed flat-glass, including window glass, picture-frame and aquarium glass. My work is an effort to create objects of beauty and utility while diverting useful glass from the landfills.