New Piece!

Here is a new votive-candle holder made in my studio for the first time today!  Thanks to Polly & Nu at Local Goods for inspiring this piece!  I made it to be able to hold any votive-candle, and especially one made of soy wax.  I recently learned that a soy candle will lose shape when burned, and needs a holder deep enough to contain the wax while it burns.  I used a drop-ring mold to create this piece, which was a fun and new challenge for me.  Now that I have succeeded with this piece, I will make more, and they will be soon available in the local stores that carry my glassware (see “Where to Get Glass” page)!

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Transformations Glassworks

I am a Reclaimed-Glass Artisan based in Portland, Oregon. I work solely with reclaimed flat-glass, including window glass, picture-frame and aquarium glass. My work is an effort to create objects of beauty and utility while diverting useful glass from the landfills.