The uprising energy of the seasonal shift into spring brings renewal in all realms of life. Spring bears opportunity and choice–opportunity to begin again, to begin anew, to let go and lighten your load, to clear and cleanse, to welcome in and embrace, to create the future moment by moment, and perhaps to choose paths previously unseen. Everything is familiar and yet nothing is as it has been.

I have recently found myself gifted with small openings of time and space. I have chosen to use some of this towards reinvesting energy into my glassworks studio. I am spring cleaning, connecting to this beloved mode of creative expression that is part of me, and making new works for the coming art events of summer.

Thank you for being here! Stay tuned for future updates.


IMG_9712 (1)

In the spring spirit of change and transformation, I have some news to announce. I am now a registered horticultural therapist (HTR) –hooray! And, I am currently in a graduate school counseling program. This all means that I have had to scale way down on glasswork, however, I am not giving it up! After reflection and reassessment, I have decided to close my Etsy shop, to focus on local sales and festivals. Stay tuned for opportunities to catch me at upcoming art festivals.

Taking Time


I am taking time this autumn to tend to important life transitions. I lost my mother to cancer in October and am navigating the deep waters of grief and change. I feel very loved and supported by my community and am full of gratitude for this journey and all of its lessons. There is indeed a light in the darkness.

I will not be working any art shows or sales over the next few months. My Etsy shop is open for sales if  you are looking for holiday gifts, and you can also contact me via email @, via Etsy, and/or Facebook.