“Business” Cards

I have decided to make my own business cards, though I don’t exactly think of my glasswork adventure as a “business,” it just sounds too formal.  Anyhow, after getting a quote from a local print shop for 250 cards for a bit over $100–made on recycled paper, with soy-based ink, and including a graphic–I realized I could not afford the kinds of cards I thought I wanted.  Then I began an online search for some DIY ideas and found an awesome idea.  I purchased a custom stamp for $15, and I already have a spiral stamp that I will use.  I snagged some old cereal boxes, tea boxes, and other paper-board boxes from the recycling bin and I plan to cut them up, stamp them and voila!  And now I have another reason to be crafty and work on a project! I bet the kids will even help stamp!  I’ll get some pictures up of my results soon.